Guided Cycling Tours

In May and September we offer guided cycling tours for groups of

6-10 persons.

Yvonne is Austria's cycling champion and will accompany us on new cycling tours every day; depending on the request, we will explore the island by mountain bike for three to five hours a day.

​Offer: Five days with overnight stay and guided cycling tour on request 

Learn front crawl in particular for women with back problems.

Yvonne will spend six days with us in Stari Grad, by the end of which everyone will be able to do the crawl. Why learn the crawl? When I visited the surgery with severe back pain my doctor forbade me from doing the breaststroke. He put me right and said briefly: "Breaststroke's forbidden from this moment on. It exacerbates the hollow back, leading to neck and back pain problems." I then took private lessons with Yvonne and learned the crawl, but properly, with swimming goggles, swimming cap, head under water, breathing technique and, initially, a little perseverance ......

I learned it and I was painless.


Appeal: the crawl can be learned, improves your figure and is healthy.

Schedule: every day we swim for about 1½ hours under the guidance of Yvonne and then have time for all other fun stuff.

​Price on request. Five days in June or September.

A local will help you discover beautiful places. The fishing boat has room for 8 people, who will be taken to secluded coves to see the sunrise and sunset. Picnic baskets and beverages can be organised on request; don't forget your flippers and swimming goggles.

Comfortable, unique and relaxing .....

Cost: 120 Euro per person/day, for two persons or more

Group rates on request    


Fishing Boat